What Kind of Writer Do I Need?

Because I am so nosey, writing legitimizes my right to stick my nose into YOUR business!

Copywriting. Early on, I dreamed of writing national TV advertising campaigns that broke all the rules like the Martin Agency — the creative geniuses who write all the GEICO campaigns. Love 'em or hate 'em, you have to admit they are creative.

Recently, I was following a referral from another colleague when they commented, "You are a copywriter! Yes. I need a copywriter for my website. I thought you were a copyright attorney. Are you sure all businesspeople know what a copywriter is?"

Well, this was news to me, but it pointed out that I should not assume everyone knows what a copywriter is! Copywriting by definition is writing text for advertising, sales, and marketing purposes. It is usually loaded with a catchy but attention-getting headline or concept; broken up in print into slices of information that ultimately compel the reader to take action is some way:

  • Buy it
  • Sell it
  • Try it
  • Sign up for it
  • Contribute to it
  • Join it

Copywriting is abbreviated editorial that cuts to the chase by asking you to do something (a Call-to-Action or CTA) and is unapologetic about it. It can be comedic, dramatic, mysterious or a very straight forward approach, and it is usually written for specific segments of the audience, so age and gender-specific themes are popular tactics.

Media Writing. Press releases are one of the most under-used marketing tools out there, but small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) don't know how to use them effectively. Press Releases should tease a good reporter with enough to get them interested, but not tell them too much. They are writers and they should love a good story! See more about this under Press Releases.

Blogging. I think Blogs are the perfect place for opinionated editorial. Blogs do not claim to be undeniable or inarguable facts, but they are usually worthy of consideration (if you feel everyone is entitled to their opinion!) because they shed a perspective on a topic for which the reader has a choice whether to believe it. Take it or leave it! 

Blogging is particulary effective when used to push an agenda or to improve upon a business or an industry. In a forum where the sharing of ideas and techniques, problems, and observations, further your industry — rightly or wrongly — blogging is a highly effective means of communication. The search engines love them too!

The problem with blogging is that if you don't like to write, your Blog can turn into a Blurb or a rehash of something else you copied and pasted from another source. If your Blog stays mostly blank or empty of observations for long periods of time, I can help you maintain your blog, even if I don't know your industry inside and out. There are a couple of different ways we can do it. Contact me to find out how. 

Feature Editorial & Journalism. I like to write about happy things! I write on a lot of different topics in a lot of different industries and I am able to do that because I use sources who are subject matter experts (SMEs). I ask them questions and they tell me the answer so I don't have any need to add my own opinion. It isn't about me or the publication I am writing for... it is about the experts insight on that topic. You do not have to agree or disagree, so long as the piece is objective and quotes those who have a working knowledge or legitimate success in that topic.

Writing magazine editorial has become one of my favorite forms of writing because I learn so much! Often, I know about upcoming events, inventions, and projects before anyone else! It makes me a little knowledgeable about a lot but an expert at absolutely nothing!

Content Writing. Filling your website with content about your business is very important. It should be search-engine-optimized and friendly (SEO) with industry buzz words and pertinent search phrases, but by using metatags and other tricks of the SEO trade, you no longer have to craft your content verbiage into a nonsensical litany of buzzwords. But it does need to be simplified and well laid out, easy to navigate, and complete. 

I can help you with content for your website and other e-media like newsletters and even business communication.