Ad Agencies

KimberlyWritesCreative knows advertising agencies are unique. Some specialize in specific industries and others are widely diverse in their customer base. Larger agencies tend to have a staff of copywriters, but size of staff is not equivalent to quality of clientele. Many large as well as small agencies farm out their ancillary services like graphics, copywriting, photography, video, etc.

Kimberly worked for a small but lucrative ad agency in Miami who contracted out all of their graphics and most of their copywriting until she arrived. If your copywriting has grown stale and unimaginative, or if you do not current have a copywriter on staff, give me a try! I've been writing for advertising agencies and broadcast for 30 years and I can either help you write multimedia branding campaigns from scratch, or take an existing campaign and maintain the branding while diversifying the content and messaging according to your media markets.

I can help your with:

  • Ad campaigns
  • Web content
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Press releases
  • Client newsletters
  • Radio, TV, and marketing video scripts
  • Marketing Plans