Corporate Marketing Depts

Large businesses and major corporations benefit from hiring contractors for specific tasks like writing because they do not have to pay benefits and they get a fresh perspective in the messaging. If your marketing and/or sales department is overwhelmed with day-to-day operations and keeping your sales department motivated, KimberlyWritesCreative is your perfect choice for project-work.

I have found writing work in larger companies that I would never have thought to target in terms of my own marketing. I write for one company with a 15-person marketing department. They have capable copywriters, technical writers, web content writers and even a couple of editors on staff, but the need for their capabilites on a daily basis is spread thin. I am pleased to be able to do the long-distance interviews and research for them, and I know there are other companies out there who need me as well.

Also, the "writing" aspects in-house sometimes become flat and repetitive as a result of being too close to the company's products/services, and from the time constraints involved in turning over marketing projects. It becomes easier to just rehash old content than to create new messaging.

Furthermore, as a former marketing executive myself, I know that every marketing department has projects that have been on the table  for weeks and even months, waiting for time to implement them.

I've been there marketing gurus! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so I can help. We live in a virtual world and KimberlyWritesCreative can be your virtual marketing assistant!