Publishers across the spectrum will benefit from KimberlyWritesCreative's diverse experience as an objective journalist.

I have written on many topics for newspapers, consumer and trade magazines, websites, and newsletters. KimberlyWritesCreative is not a mainstream media propagandist with a political agenda. I am an objective observer capable of working SMEs and industry sources to create a story based on collaborative ideas, or even disputed ideas, that leave the reader with the onus of making their own decisions.

I do like happy-endings but I also enjoy vigorous debate and believe strongly in individual interpretation of the facts presented, to draw personal conclusions.

Because of my marketing background, I am asked to write a lot of warm and fuzzy features, inspiring business profiles, and technological breakthroughs; but unlike many writers with a promotional bent, I understand the difference between self-promotion and facts.

I would like to investigate opportunities to write edgier pieces, utilizing opposing perspectives or opinions. I am also looking for writing opportunities that require research. Although I am not an investigative reporter, I am prime for investigating broader topics and even doing some traveling to do so.