Technology Companies

Every layperson has bought a product that needed to be put together or installed in order to reap its benefits. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to interpret instructions written by the brainy engineer who created or engineered the product.

Inventors are too close to their inventions. If you are producing literature or writing an article about a highly technical product that will be purchased by or used by a non-engineering type person, you would benefit from hiring me to take your complex idea and put it into terms and steps the average person can understand.

My favorite articles are those for which I have not a single clue as to what they do prior to talking to my sources and asking questions. I am a mass marketer with a degree in communications but I have tackled Control Theory, Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors, Cyber Compliance, and Muxing. I do not have any children but I have written articles on tutoring and a website for a Christian preschool. 

I am able to do this because it isn't about me, it is about you. You are my source of expertise and research helps me fill in the gaps. I recently met an aerospace engineer with a specialization in propulsion who knew nothing about nuclear energy until he happened upon it thumbing through a book. I am not claiming to be able to write government specifications for the Blackhawk helicopter or RFPs for government contractors, but if you want to make the complex understandable to us simple folk... I am your writer!