Website Developers

KimberlyWritesCreative already knows your dilemma: You start a website for a client and in the beginning they are engaged, offering to write it themselves. They just need you to help them with the technology, the mechanics, the design, and functionality. Months later, you have produced a dynamic website but they are stuck — struggling to write it.

You don't get paid until the site is launched and so... tick, tick, tick.

I write websites for other clients all day long but it has taken me months to write this one... and I will continue to write on it even after it is launched. It is hard to write about yourself and it is hard to make final decisions on how to present what you do... ALL that you do... and if your client isn't a writer or doesn't write everyday in their job, I can only imagine their frustration.

I am a writer but I write and rewrite and massage words, sometimes starting completely over, just as I am nearly finished. That's what writers do. Perhaps Stephen King's first draft is always his last, but I doubt it. 

If you are web developer, I suggest you always offer your client the option of having me write their site for them. The small additional cost saves you time and the client a lot of headaches!