The following ads ran in both magazines and newspaper — all written by KimberlyWritesCreative!

  • Manufacturing Industry. This innovative product — way back at the turn of the millennium — attempted to change the way window manufacturers built windows in order to pass the more stringent Dade County missile impact requirements of the Florida Building Codes implemented after Hurricane Andrew. It ran in several window industry magazines and was part of a complete marketing sales package and video. (All graphics were done by an outside source.)

Headline: Breakthrough Technology for Window Manufacturers
Sub-Head: Safe-Gard Thin Composites
Content: SAFE-GARD dry-laminated composite film has passed the stringent test standards of the Dade County 2 by 4 missile impact and cycling requirements of the Southern Florida Building Code. This breakthrough brings about a cost-effective way for window manufacturers to offer windows and doors that are less costly and lighter than products employing PVB laminated glass.
SAFE-GARD can be incorporated into most window applications and IG units without affecting the integrity or durability of the seal and without adding extra weight to window sashes.
SAFE-GARD meets ANSI Z97.1 (Unlimited) and CPSC 1201, Category II safety glazing standards and it has received an NES certificate of compliance ( with the provisions of the 2000 International Code Council, BOCA National, SBCCI, and ICBO Uniform Standards.

  • Audio/Video Industry. This ad for home theatre systems by a local AV company ran in our popular Life on the Water magazine, targeting yacht-owners. (All graphics done by client)

Headline: Orchestrate Your Life on the Water

  • Home Healthcare Industry. Print ads for Always There Home Care and Accordance Home Care in Birmingham and Huntsville, AL. (Graphics done by client)

Headline: When Life Turns Golden
Sub-Head: Accordance Home Care Provides the Silver Lining
Content: At 93 years-old, Herman Libbe's Life is Golden. "Being able to remain in his home is very important to him," says Herman's daughter Penny Patterson. "Accordance Home Care makes that possible. He dearly loves his caregiver, Amelia."
For over a year, Accordance caregiver Amelia Gibson has nurtured a special relationship with Herman that transcends helping maintain his home and preparing his meals. They have become friends. In fact, when the dapper Mr. Libbe takes his two walks per day — he carries his cane in one hand and Amelia on his other arm - sharing his freedom.
“What I dearly love about Accordance is that they provide the same person all the time,” Penny explains. “My father is not always easy to deal with, and I tried other private home care companies in Huntsville. Accordance has been by far the best experience.”
Like many adult children of aging parents, Penny’s busy personal life and her brother living in another state, presents challenges in her ability to offer constant personal care for her father. Accordance offers Penny a solution - call it a silver lining - to that cloudy issue. “I could not be more pleased with Accordance’s dependability and professional service. I highly recommend Accordance.”

Headline: "Always There" In-Home Care Provides Help for Local Residents
Content: Married 58 years, Hugh and Yvonne Duncan’s life is golden. “I knew from the initial phone call, Always There would care for my parents with a spirit of love,” says the Duncan’s daughter Ann Barber. “It was confirmed when I met our caregiver, Mussierene Mitchell. She took my hands into hers and promised, ‘I’ll not only take care of your beloved parents, but I’m also taking care of you!”
Ann says Mussierene is the perfect companion for her mom and dad. “She cooks them delicious, healthy meals, takes them shopping, and accompanies them to social events like church.”
Like many adult children of aging parents, Ann faces challenges in her ability to offer constant personal care for her parents. Always There provided Ann with a solution - call it a silver lining - to that cloudy issue.
“Prior to finding Always There, I was doing it all myself and found myself spread pretty thin. I have faith that Mussierene is
indeed, Always There for my mom and dad.”
For more information about Always There, call 205-824-0224, or visit their website at for a free online assessment of your needs.

  • Food & Hospitality Industry.

Headline: Fun & Delicious

Catering by Narvell ads have been running in EVENT Huntsville for the past couple of years. She caters a lot of charity and non-profit events here in Huntsville.

These ads for Karen's Healthy Kitchen ran in the Huntsville edition of Natural Awakenings magazine.

Headline: Oh, What Sweet Salvation!
Sub-Head: Now you can enjoy Holiday Goodies without Guilt
Content: Xylitol is a natural sweetener that looks, tastes, and measures like refined sugar, and is metabolized independently of insulin so it is diabetic-safe.
Xyilitol has 40% less calories, and 75% fewer carbs than sugar. Xylitol helps reduce dental plaque and prevents cavities.