A good company brochure should use professional pictures and information about your product or service. It is only a synopsis of what you do with highlights on your main selling points. Check out these brochures Kimberly has written:

  • Automotive Detailing
    Elite Auto Detail -
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    Cover: Don't Let Fine Micro-Scratches & Cloudy Paint Ruin Your Drive
    Inside Flap: Let Elite Auto Detail Brighten Your Ride!
    Center: Appreciate Your Depreciation: It's true, your vehicle depreciates in value the moment you drive it off the new car lot, but that doesn't mean you can't protect your long-term investment and enjoy it while you do.
    With regularly scheduled automotive appearance services from Elite Auto Detail, you can increase the trade-in or resale value of your vehicle, while enjoying a shiny, well-maintained truck or automobile that always looks like it did the day you drove it off the lot.
  • Engineering
    Bangham Engineering - Read whole brochure....
    Cover: Applying Advanced Technologies, Integrating Evolving Technologies, To Meet the Demands of the Future
    Inside Flap Content:
    Henry Ford said, “Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs”.
    Every complex system contains hundreds of smaller systems that when integrated into the whole, play a huge part in the overall success of the project. The highly focused, dynamic team at Bangham Engineering, Inc. have expertise in the rapid development of complex systems and flight test integration. Our contributions to the success of the Ares I-X launch are examples of our ability to rise to the challenges of our customers.
    Formed in 2006 after working for Boeing’s Phantom Works division, BEi saw a need for a small, unencumbered creative group who could more quickly and efficiently develop working hardware for numerous complex engineering systems.
    Familiar with short development times and the challenges involved in integrating new components with existing hardware,  BEi began focusing our proven integration skills towards the future. By utilizing rapidly evolving MEMS and nanotechnology, BEi is working on integrating large-scale flight test vehicles into the world of small systems. 
  • Computer/IT Industry
    Small Business Technologies, Inc. (SBT, Inc.)
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    Inside Spread Headline: Whoa! What's Up With That? You’re getting ready to give a very important presentation to a very big client when all of a sudden....kablooey! As a small business owner, CEO, or manager, you do not have time to worry about company computer problems. In today’s ever-changing IT environment, it is neither productive nor cost efficient for you to get involved.
    Inside Spread Sub-Head: It's Broken! We Need Money to Fix It! It became known as the “Break-Fix” model. As companies built in-house IT departments to take care of IT problems, the result was a barrage of requests to “fix it”. Unfortunately, “fixing it” always meant more money and before companies knew what hit them, their IT departments were over budget and out of control. 
  • Government Contract Accounting & Compliance
    Solvability Read whole brochure....
    Permanent Tagline: A Powerful Solution to the Compliance Equation
    Learn how to structure your existing data in Quick Books Pro to be DCAA compliant, starting with the Chart of Accounts numbering and tiers. Class will cover required system settings for Customers & Jobs, Employee data, Service Items and Payroll items. You will learn the business rules required to code transactions correctly within Time Tracking, recording Bills and creating Invoices. Using these rules and settings will enable you to correctly report cost and revenue by month. This class also includes spreadsheets developed by Solvability to compute indirect rates from the Income statement and includes processing steps for monthly financial reporting and reviews.
  • Manufacturing
    Safe-Gard Window Film Read whole brochure....
    Permanent Tagline: Breakthrough Technology for the Window & Glass Industry
    Inside Spread:
    Safe-Gard is Getting Attention
    It’s like getting hit by a 2 x 4. SAFE-GARD® has a cost effective way for window and glass manufacturers to meet the stringent new hurricane protection building codes being adopted in Florida and other coastal U.S. states. Our breakthrough window design concept entails dry laminating SAFE-GARD® thin composite films directly to double-strength glass, and inserting it into insulated
    glass units (IG) during the window manufacturing process. The units, laminated with SAFE-GARD®, recently passed the stringent 2 by 4 missile impact and cycling requirements (PA 201 and PA 203) of the Dade and Broward County editions of the Southern Florida Building Code.
  • Health Industry
    Healthy Choices, LLC Read whole brochure....
    Inside spread: What's so important about your feet?
    Your body is the world’s greatest supercomputer. Unlike your laptop or desktop, the body has built-in antivirus/antispam software that attempts to rid itself of toxins caused from the environment; exposure to heavy metals and chemicals; as a result of poor nutritional habits; and pollution. This debris builds up over time, throughout the human body.
    When your feet sweat, they are naturally disposing of these poisons through the multitude of pores and meridian points located in the bottom of your feet.
    Your feet are conduits - or channels - through which your body naturally eliminates wastes
    that get trapped in the cells of your body. The longer these toxins remain in your system, the
    more health issues you will face, now or in the future.
  • Printing (Graphics design by NightOwl Communications)
    PrintsByMe Read whole brochure....
    Permanent Tagline: 1-2-3-Easy
    Inside Headline
    : A Sweet Deal for Everyone makes sure you get a sweet deal on printing, no matter what size your business! Printing companies see you coming with that big fat corporate printing budget – “Yes, sir – we can save you money if you buy 20,000 more than you need!” Or, do they tsk-tsk-tsk when they see your lean new family business coming – “Er, yes ma’am – well, for that amount you’re going to have to stick with black and white!”
    At, we treat everyone the same! Big fat budgets and small lean budgets get the same low online pricing on high quality, vibrant 4-color printing!
    Make Your Point with Vibrant 4-color sees everyone in full living color!
    Does your corporate image look like something out of a 1950’s horror movie – bleak, dull and drab because you can’t afford anything but black and white?
  • Variable Data Printing (Graphics design by NightOwl Communications)
    DeepTarget SmartPrint Read whole brochure....
    Headlines: How Flexible is Your Print? How Powerful is Your Campaign?
    Flexibility is the backbone of DeepTarget SmartPrint technology. This flexibility lets you start at the level of sophistication that best fits your needs and comes with expandable options and features that give you complete control over your print management platform as you move to the next highest level.
    Sound complicated? Well — it is complex, but that's why DeepTarget's powerful engine does all the work. SmartPrint cuts down on manual labor and manual processes to actually do a more thorough job! And as your options increase, so does the responsive power of your marketing campaigns.
  • Channel Marketing (Graphics design by NightOwl Communications)
    AdeptMedia Read whole brochure....
    Cover: DeepTarget's Partner Community is Making an Impact
    The impact of digital technologies, online marketing, personalization, and variable data printing on the marketing landscape has brought about great change in many industries. It has sent traditional blanket marketing techniques the way of the dinosaur. Many businesses are stuck in the ancient tar pits of high cost printing; excessive overruns; storage issues and obsolescence; long waits; and fees, fees, fees for everything from rush jobs to plate changes and set-ups. The DeepTarget VAR Advantage has your name etched in modern technology to bring high value to your business as well as your customers.
  • Publications
    Who's Who Magazine
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    Covers: An Advertising Vehicle That Drives Return on Investment - Editorial That Hits Your Target Market Head-on - Editorial & Advertising Designed for the Long Run
    Content: America's Own Who's Who Magazines - Our Advertisers Tell the Story. Time and again, our advertisers get a higher return on their advertising investment (ROI). They are not just buying an ad in a magazine — they are buying a multimedia message. Our Power-Punch Partners receive a One-Two Print/Internet punch that drives response in two advertising mediums for one incredibly low investment price.
  • Private Space Exploration (Graphics by Night Owl Communications)
    International Space Science Education Program (Americans in Orbit/ISSEP) Read whole brochure....
    Cover Headline: Inspiring a New Generation of Space Exploration
    Inside Cover Headline: The Countdown Has Begun to "America's Launch"
    What is the ISSEP? The International Space Science Education Program has a two-fold mission:
    • to refocus America’s space program back onto education and resulting technology
    • to inspire interest and passion for space exploration in America’s schools, colleges and universities.
    Americans in Orbit 50 Years (AIO-50) and its ISSEP, is again making space accessible to the ingenuity and creative thinking of a younger generation of space science enthusiasts.
    The ISSEP and the STEM Movement The fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, known as STEM, are in search of education programs like the ISSEP, which encourage future generations to study and compete on an international level, in these academic areas. Becoming an astronaut has fallen to new lows as a career-day choice in classrooms across the country. The ISSEP seeks to change this humdrum perception of space education, science, and technology.