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Athens Limestone Hospital's NEW Source Magazine

Summer 2012 Issue:

  • Cover Story! Pages 6-9: CEO Kelli Powers is Making a Difference
    By her own admission, Kelli Powers was never your standard bean counter. Raised near Auburn but getting her accounting degree from the University of Alabama, Kelli began her healthcare career while planning to go to law school. Read more....
  • Pages 10-11: Athens Limestone Hospital Scores Lowest Infection Rate in North Alabama
    Athens-Limestone Hospital’s rigorous and innovative Infection Control and Prevention (ICP) efforts, led by medical technologist and infection preventionist, Micheal Estremera, has jumped the facility to the forefront of the ICP healthcare field. Read more....

EVENT Huntsville Magazine Articles.

May-June 2013 issues:

  • Page 26: Spotlight: Myra Sanderson
  • Page 40: HYP Gets a Luck Tasting of Huntsville Ale for St. Patrick's Day
  • Page 42: AllSouth Appliance Pampers Customers with Girl's Night Out
  • Page 50: Riley Center Hope for Autism Gala Coincides with National Autism Awareness Month
  • Page 52: Pink, White, and Blue Jack and Jill Ball Raises Money for Boys & Girls Club

March-April 2013 issues:

  • Page 26: Spotlight: Dr. Marshall Shreeder
  • Page 34: HSO Rings in the New Year with Patriotism at the Forefront
  • Page 38: In the Presence of American Space Heroes
  • Page 42: Pure Barre: A Healthy Addition to Downtown Madison
  • Page 56: 5th Annual Garden Club Cocktail Party
  • Page 58: Hospice Family Toasts 2013 in Grand Style

January-February 2013 Issue:

  • Page 12: They All Live to Dance Again at the 6th Annual Stars Dancing for HEALS
  • Page 18: Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Joh Meacham Talks Politics and Presidential History at 26th Annual Vive Le Livre
  • Page 24-25: Business Profile: Osborne's Jewelers: A Glimmer of Hope for Any Occasion
  • Page 42: ECW's Annual Bake Sale & Bazaar is a Century-Long Holiday Tradition
  • Page 46: HMCCVB's 'Thank You' to Hospitality Industry Professionals

November/December 2012 Issue:

  • Page 18: 2012 Parrots of the Caribbean Breaks All Past Records
  • Page 20: The Rockettes
  • Page 22: Asperger Syndrome Takes Center Stage at the 2nd Annual SEA Beyond Tomorrow Benefit
  • Page24-25: Audi of Huntsville Launches the Sporty New S-Line "Rockets"
  • Page 44: Iberia Bank Signals New Locations Ahead for Huntsville
  • Page 48: Autumn Evening with Friends, Inc. Changes Lives for Thousands of Sick & Elderly

September/October 2012 Issue:

  • Page 14: More Miracles for the RNICU at Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children
  • Page 18: WCA Hits a Hole-in-One at the 9th Annual Wildcat Golf Tournament
  • Page 38: Spotlight: Christopher Madkour of Huntsville Museum of Art
  • Page 57: Street Scene: Scotch & Chevre

July/August 2012 Issue:

  • Page 12: Volunteers are the Heartbeat of the Red Cross Touch of Red Gala
  • Page 20: Center Stage: Dr. Rony Najjar
  • Page 34: Habitat For Humanity of Madison County Has Been Building Lives for 25 Years
  • Page 42: April Showers Bring May Flowers at HMA's Art in Bloom

May-June 2012 Issue:

  • Page 10: Victorian Dresses and French Lace Fans
  • Page 12: Huntsville Art League's Collector's Draw is a Chance Every Art Lover Should Take
  • Page 18: Madison Says Hello to its Beautiful New Hospital
  • Page 22: A Celebration of Caring and Sharing at 2012 Heart Society Ball
  • Page 26: Explore. Dream. Discover. The Little Green Store Atop Monte Sano Mountain
  • Page 34: HMA 2012 Gala Features "Alla Prima" Artist Nancy Franke

March/April 2012 Issue:

  • Page 18: 2012: The Year of Implementation
  • Page 22: Les Amants du Vin Prennent Plaisir at the HMA Backers of Bacchus Wine Event 2012
  • Pages 24-26: Business Profile: Mercedes-Benz of Huntsville
  • Page 28: Crystal Pineapples & Red Ribbons

January/February 2012 Issue:

  • Page 28: Absolutely Lip-Smacking, Mouth-watering Tasty
  • Page 38: Spotlight: Patrick Wynn of Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Page 40: It was a pARTy on Huntsville Mountain
  • Page 58: First Annual MDA Winter Wine Down Makes a Muscle That Makes a Difference

Southern Family Magazine Articles.

Spring 2012 Issue:

  • Pages 44-45: Jungle Love: It's Makin' Me Crazy
    Welcome to the Jungle! For enthusiastic explorers making their first trek into the enchanting bush of Athens’ Bargain Jungle, prepare yourself for a lush experience fringed with oohs and ahhs. Read More....

Crestwood Medical Center's Pulse Magazine


Summer 2012 Issue:

  • Pages 5-7: Acid Relief: Treatment for Barrett's EsophagusMuch of the delicious food we eat — chocolate and caffeine, fruit and juices, tomatoes, garlic, onions, Mexican food — contributes to keeping the shelves full of over-the-counter antacids. There is nothing new about the widespread occurrence of that fiery, burning sensation in your chest known as heartburn, a condition that can be so painful, it has frightened many people into thinking they are having a heart attack.... Read more....

Winter 2011 Issue:

  • Pages 20-21: Prevention is the Best Medicine
    Imagine having no disease, illness or pain. While that might sound like utopia, there are many preventive measures that can help you reduce the number of serious health problems you might endure in your lifetime and reverse some dangerous medical conditions you might currently have. Eliminating unhealthy lifestyles or habits may also reduce the risk of future health problems. Read more....

Fall 2011 Issue:

  • Pages 6-9: Special Care For Aging Patients: Crestwood's Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) Unit
    "Coming to the hospital is stressful enough,” says Tammy Hill, nursing manager of Crestwood’s Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) Unit, “but imagine having your eyeglasses taken away so you cannot see. If you were brought in through the emergency room, you may not be wearing your dentures, so you cannot eat or speak clearly. Medical tests, x-rays, MRIs, etc., often require removing aesthetic items like jewelry and makeup, stripping you of things that are familiar, and that offer comfort and security. Even the height of the hospital bed and being asked to take pills can be confusing.” Read more....
  • Pages 18-19: Heart to Heart: Untreated DVT Can Have Serious Consequences
    The next time you water your lawn with a garden hose, notice how freely and uninhibited the water flows from the spigot, out the spout, giving life to your lawn or vegetable garden. The garden hose is similar to the individual veins, arteries and capillaries that make up a network of blood vessels inside your body known as the vascular system. Your veins and arteries carry blood to and from your heart. Read more....

Natural Awakenings North Alabama

June 2011 Issue:

  • Pages 28-29: Getting Out in Front of Tornado Victims Needs
    Believers call it a God-thing. It occurs when you are overwhelmed with a situation, unsure what to do or how to help under your own power, completely lost for answers when suddenly... you just know. The answers come from beyond you; the path to clarity opens before you. Pastor Dave Anderson of Crosspoint Community Church says so much good has happened in the past 14 days or so since tornadoes devastated our state and much of North Alabama, that there is just no other way to describe the outpouring. Read more....

April 2011 Issue:

  • Pages 12-13: Fight Like a Woman at Pretty Woman Boutique
    The survival rate is 90% with early detection, but one in every eight women will be diagnosed with some form of breast cancer in their lifetime. That heart-stopping diagnosis changes your life forever, and it happens on the turn of that word: cancer. In defense of oncologists, nurses, radiologists, and many other cancer-related medical professionals, they simply are not equipped, nor do they have the time to outline for every patient, what to expect along this very singular and terrifying journey. “That’s why I opened Pretty Woman Boutique,” says Brenda Kerley, owner of Kerley Medical and its Woman’s Health division, which includes Pretty Woman Boutique. “I wanted to offer a support group for women who have been diagnosed with all forms of cancer. I wanted to provide products that are specific to their needs, and clothing that is comfortable and feminine for women recovering from surgery, undergoing treatment, and putting their lives back together afterwards." Read more....

March 2011 Issue:

  • Pages 9-11: Raised on Pasture: Goose Pond Farm
    The problem with farming is that it works in opposition to American consumerism. It is difficult for a cattle farmer to satisfy your craving for a steak tonight when his cattle are still six months from maximum harvest time. In Europe, customers go out to the farm and pick out a couple of plump chickens. The farmer wrings their necks, but you take it home, pluck the feathers, and eviscerate it. In the 21st Century United States, this is not a very marketable way to sell free-range chickens. On the other hand, if you get to know your local farmer and realize he is raising healthy animals in a completely natural setting; harvesting his herd only after it has achieved its maximum nutritional density; then as a consumer, you learn to adjust. “Get to know your local farmer and he will take care of you,” says Charles Ritch of Goose Pond Farm in Hartselle. “At Goose Pond Farm, we take care to provide you with only the purest and healthiest chicken, lamb, beef, pork, turkey, and eggs.” Read more....

February 2011 Issue:

  • Pages 22-23: Change Your Water and Change Your Life with a Kangen Water Ionizing System
    Health issues related to our water supply have plagued us for the past half century. Experts and marketers have offered a variety of options for ensuring that “plain old tap water” is free from contaminates and excessive amounts of chlorine – a water-soluble chemical used to disinfect water and cleanse our city and county sewage systems. Carbon filters fitted onto your kitchen faucet are inconvenient; filtering containers have limitations; and “bottled” water offers its own set of problems. Many scientific experiments show health issues related to the Bisphenol A (BPA) compound found in clear polycarbonate plastics. Ingested with the so-called “purified bottled” water, the BPA in the bottle itself gets a bad grade. Although you can now buy BPA-free plastic bottles, the problem is still not widely known or publicized. Bazz Bazzell, a distributor for Kangen Water throughout Madison County, believes help has arrived on all fronts and his Bazz Water business has the key. Read more....

January 2011 Issue:

  • Pages 20-21: Instead of Just Dieting, Start Out the Year Just Detoxifying and Reverse Aging
    There is nothing new about beginning a weight loss program after the first of the year, but how about a detoxification and anti-aging regiment? Surely after ten straight weeks of sheer depravity that begins with Halloween candy and ends with a couple of turkeys, a large honey-based porker, innumerable glasses of holiday cheer, and a pumpkin pie, your system could use some cleaning up! Many people experience sudden outbreaks of acne, constipation, and a lack of energy, all of which leads to a feeling of bad health. The virtual family of medical and naturopathic physicians at Progressive Family Medicine can recommend a number of effective programs to jump-start your body afresh in 2011. Read more....
  • Pages 21-22: Synergy Airflow & Ventilation are 21st Century Energybusters
    On the surface, they sound a bit like the Ghostbusters of the wasteful energy industry. Similar to the Ghostbuster’s Giga meter that measured psychomagnatheric energy, Synergy Airflow & Ventilation sets up a fan in front of your house that measures and pinpoints air leakage. Instead of a pair of ecto-Goggles, Synergy uses an infrared camera that sees through your walls and takes pictures of hot and cold spots, highlighting where your insulation is lacking. Synergy A&V has an entire arsenal of energy-busting tools and gadgets that detect moisture, mold, mildew, and bad air; poor insulation and ventilation; and they flag areas that may cause premature failures of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Read more....

Growing Up Magazine (from 2009)

  • Tutors Make the Grade: A Parent's Practical Guide to Tutoring
    Does this sound familiar? "Bring this D up to a B by your next report card and I will take you on a camping trip." Or maybe this: "I'll give you $10 to bring this C up to an A." If so, chances are you are growing frustrated and little Timmy or Susie's grades haven't improved much — if at all. Read more...
  • Picture This: Get the Facts Before Commissioning a Professional Portrait
    Having your child's portrait photographed professionally is becoming a rite of passage these days. The quality beats anything you will get from your point-and-shoot camera, and the results are elegant heriloom quality portraits to display in your home for years to come. Read more...
  • How Does Your Garden Grow?
    Small children love dirt. Give them a spoon, a bucket of water, and a small plot of soil and they will make mudpies until the cows come home. Uncovering a bed or earthworms is their equivalent of discovering King Tut's Tomb. Tearing older children away from their computers, television and video games however, can be a challenge. Read More....