Email Campaigns

You may hear KimberlyWritesCreative speak a great deal about "campaigns". To Kimberly, the biggest mistake small businesses make in their advertising and marketing is inconsistency in look, feel, style, branding, and of course, messaging.

It's true, most people get tired of their own advertising and they change their ads up either too much, or they don't change them up at all. I can help you write a consistent, attention-getting campaign that tells a longterm story about who you are and what you have to offer. A campaign should slowly feed your customers with information about your products and services. 

Let's write some campaigns that accomplish some goals, rather than spending money on ads for the sake of having an ad!

I wrote the e-mail campaign to the right while seeking qualified leads from our franchise sales at Our Town, a marketing company for the New Mover industry. We received a lot of useless leads at first and it helped us weed out the solid leads from the unlikelies.

Our franchising email service used it as a best practices approach to better qualifying leads as they come in; a strategy that feeds the inquirer a little information at a time about your business model.