Flyers & Sales Inserts

The following are a variety of KimberlyWritesCreative sales flyers and sales inserts that have served multiple purposes, from Chamber Pak and mail/email inserts, to bill-stuffers, customer handouts for tradeshows and special events, and as a series of company-related informational flyers that highlight certain aspects or details about your products and services like technical specifications.

Most sales & marketing packages consist of a presentation "pocket" folder with slots for a brochure or a series of brochures, flyers, pricing, presentations-on-a-disk, press releases, company profiles, and technical specifications. Although you want your sales staff to carry the marketing literature on cold calls and mail them to potential customers, an electronic version of that material should always be downloadable from your website as well!

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This sales package consisted of 4 sales inserts, two of which focused on compliance issues and specifications, as well as a tri-fold brochure, a press release, and a DVD video of their primary product.


This sales package consisted of a couple of sales inserts, a tri-fold brochure, an automated PowerPoint presentation on DVD that we looped at events, samples of their product including business cards, mailable postcards, and refrigerator magnets.