Incentives Work! All of Kimberly's marketing strategies encourage the use of special incentives to customers to do something: Buy it, sell it, join it, follow it, try it for free, subscribe to it, or donate to it. 

Customer Promotions. If customers see that they will get a special price from newsletters and email promotions, they will opt in for more information. Customers expect something worth while in return, so although I admit I am good at spending other people's money, I also know what motivates people to buy! 

Give them a reason to look forward to hearing from you. Do so periodically — do not bombard them with too many emails or they will opt-out.

Employee Contests & Sales Incentives. If you have a sales staff and you are looking for ways to get them motivated, try a sales contest, or set goals to be reached and awarded when they are met. 

Here is a franchise sales contest we implemented several years ago: