A periodic newsletter is one of the best and least expensive marketing tools you can implement.

Quarterly, monthly, even weekly, I can ghostwrite your newletter articles; help you create promotions; and maintain your database for both an electronic newsletter, a hardcopy newsletter, or both.

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Types of Newsletters:

  • Customer incentive newsletters aimed at providing special pricing or discounts as an incentive to subscribing to an optional newsletter
  • General topic customer newsletters that introduce your customers to new products/services, technological breakthroughs in your industry, or just offer advice, tips, and hints.
  • Employee newsletters aimed at keeping employees (especially if you have field offices or franchise locations) apprised of what is going on within the company. It can provide job openings, activities, recognitions, etc.
  • Partnership newsletters keep your vendors and contributors at all levels, in touch with your home headquarters

If you have an idea for a newsletter or have been thinking about implementing one but don't have the manpower to maintain it, let's talk. I can take a lot of the work off your shoulders and over time, you build a large and targeted database of potential customers.