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KimberlyWritesCreative has written stories for several of the Huntsville Times special publications division including for the Home Building Association, the Board of Realtors, Citywide cultural events like Veterans Day Celebrations & Parades, Engineering Week, and Armed Forces Week to name a few.

Since the Huntsville R&D Report is no longer published in print, KWC is now writing business and technology stories for It's all new so enjoy as Kimberly builds up yet a new portfolio!

July 17, 2014 — MindGear Labs Provides an Engineering Playground for Minds of All Ages
By definition, technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially for industry. But many local inventors, entrepreneurs, hobbyists and engineering-types have a different, more simple way to exhibit the definition of technology. Most of them just want to build stuff. Read more....

July 8, 2014 — Expect to See Small Drones Flying the Friendly Skies Over Huntsville While FAA Settles on Regs
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), known as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and more popularly called "drones" by the public, are ready for launch here in Huntsville, with or without final approval from the FAA. Read More....

July 7, 2014 - Huntsville's Avion Solutions using 'shot peening' tech to make Army aviation repairs more durable.
Until recently, the process of shot peening metal to make the surface more durable and to extend the fatigue life of mechanical components was a black science. Today you need look no further than the back plate of your new iPhone to see a simplified glass bead version of shot peening, used by Apple to give it a non-glare, matte finish. Read more...

Huntsville Times Special Sections.

2013 Engineers Week

  • Engineers of All Stripes Drive Huntsville's Economy
    In July 1941 during WWII, the state of Alabama granted the federal government 160 acres of North Alabama cotton fields to build a place where an artillery plant could flourish in obscurity. In 1943, the construction was renamed Redstone Arsenal due to the large amounts of ferric iron oxide — known as hematite — that tinted the soil red.... Read more....
  • Huntsville Offers Extensive Educational Opportunities in Engineering
    Think of Huntsville as a spinning wheel with Cummings Research Park and its more than 30 Fortune 500 technology companies at the hub. The spokes of that wheel include two major universities with first-rate engineering curriculums.... Read more....

2012 Armed Forces Week 

  • Armed Forces Week Salutes Area Military
    Headlining Armed Forces Week this year is America's Team, the national traveling Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball team making its debut in Huntsville....
  • Veterans Memorial and Park Continues Evolving
    Since its official dedication last November, the Huntsville/Madison County Veterans Memorial and Park has moved into its second phase of development....
  • Unsung Heroes Ensure AFW Runs Smoothly
    Armed Forces Week in Huntsville could not be successful without the unsung heroes who work to secure sponsorships; coordinate multiple agencies and organizations with dates, times, and details; secure guest speakers and high profile attendees including City, military and government officials; and then clean the park and parade grounds after the crowd leaves....

2012 Engineers Week

  • Engineering Here is a Vast Spectrum
    What is it about Huntsville that makes it such fertile ground for engineering growth? Prior to 1850, there were only two forms of engineering: military engineering for battering down castle walls, and civil engineering for building roads. Two nascent forms, mnechanical and electrical engineering, caught hold with the 19th century invention of engines, batteries, and motors. These were the foundaitons of modern engineering. Read more....
  • Colleges, Universities School New Engineers
    "When you combine Huntsville's current engineering job base with the educaitonal opportunities offered by the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) and Alabama A&M, whose Master's programs in engineering provide advanced levels of diversification," says Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, "we have what it takes to build a sustainable long-term base for job growth and economic prosperity in our community." Read more....

2012 Building, Home & Remodeling Show

  • Interior Windows, Blinds Stylish Money Savers
    Homeowners can expect to find energy-efficiency in windows and blinds without sacrificing style at an affordable price, say the window and blind specialists who will be at the Building, Home & Remodeling Show. Changing out old leaky windows with Energy Star-rated replacements may make many homeowners feel better, but many consumers may not realize that window shades and blinds also provide several layers of energy saving protection.
  • Stone and Tile are Finding New Uses
    At the turn of the century, the New York Subway System introduced a simple white, rectangular, ceramic “subway” tile to the world and its uniformity and durability made it a popular early 20th century application for residential bathrooms and kitchens, but between 1960 and 1990, glass and steel were in vogue. Yet by 1992, stone made a residential comeback in the form of kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities; and since the turn of the millennium, tile and stone designers reinvented uses for both of the materials. As Designer Granite & Marble president Sandi Cantrell, and Tile and Stone Market president Jim Buchanan will both attest, stone and tile aren’t just for kitchens and bathrooms anymore.
  • Remodeling Open Rooms, More Space Top Priorities
    It looks like such a simple thing – take out that wall dividing the formal dining room you never use from the living room, and make one great room. How hard can that be? Nelson Chatelain of Stanford Home and Improvement demonstrates why “simply taking out a wall” isn’t as simple as it looks. He is remodeling a not-so-old home in a subdivision in Harvest and is taking out a wall to open up two rooms into one big room. “When we started knocking out the wall, it seems there are pipes running down from upstairs, through the centermost section of the wall,” he says. “You can’t very well move them, so we built a decorative column around it.” With an imperial style crown molding that gives it a regal look, the result is stunning and in fact, makes it difficult to imagine why there was ever a wall there at all.
  • Lenders Are Ready to Help
    Lenders at the Building, Home, and Remodeling Show have many financing options that include home equity lines of credit, home improvement loans, or refinancing that can save thousands of dollars in interest.

2011 Veterans Day Celebration

  • Heroes Week a Popular New Tradition: Community Task Force Treats Wounded Warriors and Their Families to Plenty of Activities
    In 209, the Semper Fi Community Task Force of North Alabama launched the Heroes Week Project, a six- to seven-day event scheduled for the week before Veterans Day. The popular Veterans Day Parade and events leading up to it had been growing in support, size, and popularity over 10 years in Huntsville. 
  • Veterans Memorial Park Awaits Dedication: Statue of Sacrifice, War Markers, Time Capsules, Eternal Flame to Adorn New Park
    At 11 a.m. on the 11th day of the 11th month of the year 2011, a large contingent of Madison County's most dedicated military veterans and armed forces affiliates will join with community leaders, volunteers, artisans, media representatives and top military brass to officially dedicate the new Huntsville Veterans Memorial to the City of Huntsville and its citizens.
  • Four Honorees Inducted Into Hall of Heroes
    The Madison County Military Heritage Commission was chartered in 1975 with the purpose of promoting and maintaining a prestigious display of medals awarded to local residents who served with valor in the U.S. armed forces. Strolling along Madison County's Hall of Heroes, visitors get a sense of military heroism dating back to the War of 1812. 
  • Over 60 Organizations Support Heroes Week
    Over 60 military affiliates and associations, veteran support groups, local media and community leaders come together every year to make Veterans Week a success. Throughout the week leading up to the Veterans Day Parade and related festivities, a host of sponsors come forth to provide both financial support and manpower.