TV & Radio Scripts

Back to the basics — Kimberly began her professional writing career selling and copywriting my own radio spots. I have written dozens of PSAs and TV spots over the years while working in TV. 

Most of these scripts and spots are 60-seconds because 60s are more cost-effective for the advertiser, but your average small business doesn't know it. I can help you find a creative campaign message that gets the most response from radio.

The current radio campaign required a mixture of comedy and drama. Ironically, I do not know whether the dramatic verisons ever made the airwaves. (Currently these spots are not uploaded but I will be adding them very soon so you can hear them!)

Read some of the campaign radio scripts or listen to 2 spots I recently wrote for an ad agency in Birmingham.

TV Commercials. It has been several years since I worked in TV and most of my TV commercials are in non-electronic formats, but if you want to tell a story with your TV or cable commercials like the big guys do it, I can help you write an ongoing TV ad campaign and produce the spots professionally, ad agency quality.