Writing Services

Versatility is the trademark of a good writer. KimberlyWritesCreative speaks many languages:

  • That of the layperson trying to understand a complex idea
  • That of the salesman trying to break through the clutter of advertising
  • That of the beat reporter or business editor looking for a good story
  • That of an industry mover and shaker who is excited about introducing innovative new products and services to the marketplace

Short of writing government-based RFPs (Ugh!); Resum├ęs (double-Ughhh!); and grants (you need a professional grantwriter for that!) I have helped:

  • Name new products and services
  • Write 'talking points' for CEO speeches
  • Edit and advise short-story writers on their initial manuscripts
  • Produce fully-automated Powerpoint presentations
  • Write formal, 3-year Marketing Plans
  • Transition a family-owned office into a franchising corporation using living documents like Operational Manuals, Franchise Marketing Manuals, Employee Manuals, and How-To instructions.
  • Write and produce, even edited, radio and TV commercials and marketing and sales videos
  • Write brochures, flyers, newsletters, and sales presentations
  • Write many ad campaigns
  • Write press releases
  • Write websites
  • Write feature stories for consumer and trade industry publications

I love writing stories about people, places, and things. Maybe you just need someone to help you occasionally, or someone to do ongoing projects. Either way, I can help you with any job, big or small. I enjoy research too, so if you are thinking you need a writer but you are not sure about the role they will play, let's talk about your expectations and how my expertise can help you.

If I can't help you, I will tell you so truthfully.