Case Studies & Whitepapers

Professional Papers offer perspective on your business or industry; a research project; ruminations on complex ideas; and even state, analyze, and attempt to prove professional opinions. KimberlyWritesCreative specializes in Case Studies and White Papers.

Definitively, a Case Study is a particular instance of something used or analyzed to illustrate a principle. I call them "testimonials on steroids" and the Search Engines love them. Read Case Studies by KimberlyWritesCreative

Most of the case studies I write begin with a problem: a company has an outdated telecom system that keeps crashing and dropping calls; a customer drives into a detailing shop with a car that has been under water and they need your help getting the moisture and stink out; My child was very shy and withdrawn and I was looking for a private school environment where I hoped they could boost self-confidence.

Use case studies in demonstration — real examples of how your products and services solved customer problems. Case studies should:

  • Set up the problem, preferably building a dramatic scenario of how those problems were affecting your ability to provide a quality service
  • Lay out any failed attempts to fix it and additional challenges you faced in finding a solution
  • Share how that client came came to discover your solution
  • Show how your product or service solved the problem no one else could solve
  • Tell all the benefits (lower cost, better quality, etc.) your product or service provided along with customer testimonials

When I write case studies, I try to use both the technical team and the end-user as sources for the project because it gives more than one perspective. I do all the contacts and interviews before writing the case and presenting it to my sources and client for final approvals.

We are essentially building a case for others to need or want your product or service, by utilizing an instance of someone who has already used your product/service successfully. That's why I call them Testimonials on Steroids.

Good case studies should read like a good short story. I build up the problem and the struggle to solve it, before introducing the solution and all the wonderful ways it changed your life.

Search Engines like Google and Bing love case studies and white papers from reputable websites. The words are magnets for even the most obscure searches.

White Papers. Straight from Wikipedia, a white paper is an authoritative report or guide that helps readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. White Papers are "inside baseball" and generally distinguish between policy and procedure, they should be used abundantly in Business to Business (B2B) marketing and communications, but honestly... they are not used often enough.

By getting those ideas and thoughts out of your head and onto paper, I can help you promote yourself as a SME across the Internet, with some detailed ghostwritten White Papers and Case Studies.