If you are an independent agent or expert in your field, and have thought about submitting articles to industry trade publications, forums, blogs, and newsletters, let KimberlyWritesCreative ghostwrite them in your name.

I can't guarantee they get published, but I can investigate the writing specifications for media outlets in your target areas and approach them with story ideas on your behalf. I can also help you formulate storylines that will appeal to a general audience in which your expertise, along with those of other industry leaders, have a broad appeal.

If you have information and thoughts you want to share, but taking the time to put them in print is another matter, I can help you get a clear, concise message out into the marketplace using your credentials.

In-house Ghostwriting. Most CEO, sales managers, and other executives in a company hate newsletter-time. They are busy keeping the company operating at a profit, motivating sales, and developing new and innovative products and services to worry about their latest contributions to a newsletter. But most company-leaders also understand that a newsletter can be a company unifier and a conduit of information to their customers and potential customers.

The Great Trade-off! I can help you develop ideas for your newsletter and ghostwrite them for you, or at least edit them for you. Nothing ever goes out without your final approval.