Media/Press Releases

Are you using the media to your advantage? The media provides FREE exposure if you know how to use it boldly, and effectively!

A Press Release should:

  • Get to the point quickly
  • Immediately answer the most basic written details of Who, What, Where, Why, and How
  • Tell them just enough to peak their interest for more

Maybe you have called a local TV station or the newspaper in the past but they didn't respond or didn't seem interested. That is because TV and newspaper newsrooms are extremely busy places, but they also work in a very structured manner. If they didn't, when breaking news comes across the Wire, it would be a madhouse with reporters stepping on each other's stories and live shots.

Kimberly Helps You Follow Proper Protocol. Following the proper protocol for your PR is important to its getting the proper consideration. "Knowing someone" isn't enough. Kimberly gets your Press Releases to the Assignment Desk where breaking news and information originates. The Assignment editor will get it to the section/topic producer, editor, or News Director, who assigns it to a reporter, camera crew, or writer. With magazines, they work on longer deadlines so the managing editor or a special section editor must determine whether they are interested in pursuing a story.

Media Alerts. If you have a live event and wish to get media coverage, Kimberly can send out a Media Alert several days in advance of releasing the PR to give the newsroom time to schedule a crew to cover it.

Why Use PRs? Press Releases are waving flags that you have a lot going on with your business or organization. They give you credibility as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in your area of professional expertise. The long-term use of a Press Release Campaign can lead to your being called on as a good source for commenting or lending an opinion when news matters turn in your favor. You may even be invited onto the set of a live news show.

PRs Are Not Vehicles for Advertising. Do not make the mistake of using PRs for advertising. The PR should have broad appeal and portray activities that affect the community, state, country, or the world. Events that show you are actively influencing economic growth in your city or community or that you are a mover and shaker in your industry make prime targets for PRs.

Here are some of the most common (but not limited to these) reasons for doing a Press Release:

• Grand Openings & Re-Openings
• Pro bono events
• Anniversaries & special occasions
• Involvement or sponsorship of Community events
• Involvement or sponsorship of charity events
• Appearances or attendance at tradeshows, expos, seminars, furthering education or training, competitions, etc
• Special events for clients or customers
• Training certifications
• Awards & recognitions
• New products/services
• Cutting-edge technology
• Distributor exclusivity
• Seasonal or annual events
• Hiring new employees, particularly a specialist in a particular area of your business, or multiple employees showing growth and expansion

I have many success stories using PRs, particularly within the automotive detailing industry where I handle the PR for dozens of Attention to Details certified graduates known as the Detail Mafia. I help clients in any industry get a PR campaign going, but I demand you have a place on your website to post them! Remember, PRs should be a major part of your ongoing marketing plan and believe it or not, properly written and distributed, they work!

See real Press Releases in Kimberly's Portfolio.

Cover ALL the Media in Your Area, Not Just Your Favorite. When I send out a PR for your company, I send it to ALL the news and media outlets (not just the one where you had a connection) in your area. You may get coverage from multiple news outlets and multiple newspapers and magazines in your area. Magazine features, for instance, require 6 to 8 weeks notice.

All Press Releases are approximately 400-500 words (1 page) with logo, contact info, and an inset picture). I charge an additional .30/word for over 500 words. PRs should be about a page in length.

I offer local distribution to all media (excluding local radio) in your local market for no additional charge, as well as to any trade publications or media relative to your industry.

National Distribution. I do not provide national wire service distribution in these packages. I can send your PR down any requested national wire for an additional fee, plus the Wire Service charge. Contact me for more information if you are seeking national distribution.