Postcards & Direct Mail

Junk Mail versus Direct Mail. Kimberly doesn't like all those loose flyers we receive in our box weekly. That is junk mail. But when Kimberly's book clubs send her coupon codes and special loyalty discounts in their mailers — she loves it!

WHY? Because they have targeted an avid, almost obsessive reader who buys lots of books... ME!

If you are gathering more information, or are in the market for the product or service advertised in the mail piece, by the piece offering a monetary discount can be persuasive. Percentage off, dollars off, a BOGO (Buy-one-get-one-free), or a teaser for a customer loyalty event, are all compelling to someone interested, who fits the demographic, and has the income levels to afford it.

Don't Junk up the Non-Junk Mail! This is very important. Focus each mailing on a single product/service with possibly a secondary or ancillary product/service on the back of the card. Do not try to clear your inventory in one single mailing.

Don't send one postcard. Budget for a 6-month campaign with a slightly different offer or approach every 4-6 weeks. Use similar graphics, verbiage, and related storylines, while maintaining the branding. Build awareness and recognition through those pieces so recipients are always called to act, but if not immediately, then over time. After all, you don't need a computer until you wake up one morning and it has crashed. You don't need a new car until the transmission falls out of your old one. Timing is everything!

This approach also helps manage expectations and builds up your branding. If done correctly, Direct Mail can be very cost-effective.