I have had a longstanding love affair with writing for broadcast and video. I went to school to study advertising and marketing so I could write and produce TV commercials for business and ad agencies. 

Visit my Portfolio for Video & Broadcast samples.

Radio Spots. I started my writing career writing my own radio "spots" after I sold them for a country music radio station in Pascagoula, Biloxi/Gulfport, MS — my first job, in fact, after graduating from the University of Alabama.

TV Spots. I worked in both TV news production and video production in Miami while at the ABC affiliate, WPLG in the late 1980s and early 1990s. I later wrote and produced PSAs and local commercial spots for a small ABC affiliate.

Marketing & Sales Video. When I moved over to the corporate side of things, I was able to write and produce marketing videos, franchising videos, and testimonials, with full creative control and hands-on support from sales and management. I learned post-production and nonlinear editing as well.

I have produced my best work in a corporate environment where my sales background once again played a huge role in gaining full support from sales and management. I am capable of writing from a sales-oriented standpoint and I had the respect of the sales manager and sales staff, to get the job done well.

I am always open to writing and producing marketing and sales videos for SMBs, and I plan to invest in nonlinear editing software over the next year in order to provide those capabilities as well.