Many web developers and graphic design professionals are not salespeople or writers. They build wonderful websites that perform magically and look awesome, but because many of them are not writers, they run up against a couple of problems in developing customer websites.

If they do write the sites themselves, they are usually very generic and brief, but by far the most problematic issue they face is the customer who wants to write their own content.

Web developers are often stopped in their tracks by the customer who wants to write their own site because they can't launch the site until the content is finished and writing your own content is an ambitious job few small business owners are qualified for. Take it from a writer who took weeks to write my own site — it is hard to write your own website!

So let's break through the myths, shall we?

You don't Need a lot of Content
Wrong! Search engines need content and the more the better! You also need to change it up periodically so they know you are alive, especially on the homepage.

Only the "Webguy" should set up the navigation
This is incorrect and leads to most of the charges for revisions to your site. It is frustrating for the web developer to have to redo pages. Many people have forgotten that a website is a sales tool. You should use sales savvy when you build the navigation of your site and when you write the site. KWC specializes in helping you build the flow of navigation based on what you want the visitor to do when they come to your site.

People don't like to read.
Some people don't like to read but if someone is about to spend money, they are generally interested in the details of what they are about to buy. KWC feeds customers a lot of information in small, bite-sized pieces of about 250-350 words per page. Some pages may run longer but over 1000 words... it's time to break it up into more pages with secondary levels of navigation! 

Break up the Content on those long scrolling pages!
If in fact you do not like to read, then long scrolling editorial is very intimidating. What you do may be multifaceted, complex, or detailed. If so, KWC adds bold headlines and sections that allow the reader to skip over the topics they are not interested in reading, and jump to the part about what they want to know.

Sell, Don't Tell
Let's face itthe ultimate goal of your site is to sell stuff! The site should look nice and be easy to navigate but don't forget it needs to SELL! KWC spent the first 10 years of her career selling, and to some degree, has never stopped. Let KWC show you how to use verbiage to sell your products.

Don't be afraid to add pages if needed.
Site visitors are not counting your pages. They are looking for information without having to dig for it. Shorter, concise pages with secondary navigation gives the visitor more control, and the buyer who is in control is a happier customer!

Do not put everything you do on the Homepage.
Your homepage should be a portal into your world — not the world itself. Make sure your homepage has just enough content to make sure visitors to your site know what you do and what you are capable of doing, but what you really need is powerful "Calls-to-Action" with incentives for them to do so!

Call People to Action. Your website should answer questions before the visitor can ask. CTAs drive visitors to do something while on your website:

  • Buy something
  • Join something
  • Sign up for something
  • Accept an invitation to something
  • Respond to an offer for something
  • Get answers to questions about something
  • Show your support for something
  • Contribute to something

A good website involves:

  • Fearless Content. Let me help you write your web content with catchy headlines, aggressive calls to action, and concise explanations about your company and your products & services.
  • Professional Customized Design. KimberlyWritesCreative teams up with Designwise and SEO Magician to build Professional websites that get results! Visit the Designwise website at www.designwise.com to see his work.
  • Follow-Up Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Just because you build it, does not mean people will automatically come. After you get your site designed and launched, Philip Busk, the SEO Magician can help you increase your rankings with any number of SEO tools.
  • Ongoing Content Management & Maintenance. Complete with a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) designed for people to manage the content of their own websites, we find many clients simply do not have the time or bandwidth to keep their site fresh. KWC offers monthly post-launch website packages to keep your website up-to-date.