Marketing/Sales Support

Sales and Marketing are KimberlkyWritesCreative's background. Kimberly's college major is in Marketing and her first fulltime job was in advertising sales.

I have extensive writing experience for the sales and marketing industry. Contact me to find out how I can help you with messaging. Here are just a few of the marketing and sales support collateral you should consider letting me help you write:

  • Marketing & Sales Support Literature. Brochures, sales flyers & inserts, etc.
  • Newsletters (Hardcopy & Electronic). I use Vertical Response and Constant Contact for electronic newletters. There are other services out there and some of them are free but I believe the value-added services and low cost to maintain an account (as low as $10 a month for up to 500 names) make CC and VR the best choicest.

    There are several different types of newsletters that serve different purposes. It is not unusual for a company to have more than one: Customer incentive newsletters aimed at providing special pricing or discounts as an incentive to subscribing; General topic customer newsletters that introduce your customers to new products/services, technological breakthroughs in your industry, or just offer advice, tips, and hints; Employee newsletters aimed at keeping employees (especially if you have field offices or franchise locations) apprised of what is going on within the company. It can provide job openings, activities, recognitions, etc.; Partnership newsletters keep your vendors and contributors at all levels, in touch with headquarters

    I can set up and/or maintain the account and the database for you by keeping your database purged, merged, and clean. I can also set up a template using your branding, and fill the newsletter with infomation; ghostwrite in your name; send it out, and manage your responses with reporting. You can also do a hardcopy versions for distributing by mail or interoffice.
  • PowerPoint Presentations. My PowerPoint Presentations are not boring! If you dislike PPT because most of them consist of a bunch of bullet points that the presenter then reads to you, have no fear. I hate those too! I can write and design a PowerPoint presentation that you can click through at your own pace, or design and write a completely automated presentation with music (and voice-over) that can be looped at a tradeshow event, or packaged on a disk to automatically open in presentation mode for a client.Mailing a potential client a very short but automated introduction to you, your company, and the product and/or service you are selling, eliminates that awkward, "What are you selling?" moment in a sales call; and lets your client jump stratight to asking specific questions about your product/service.
  • Sales Incentives & Contests. Keep the team motivated with incentive programs aimed at boosting sales.